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Litigation is time-consuming and costly. What's more, selecting the right law firm and expert witness is as important if not more important than the strength of your case. Our founder, Athen Sweet, has been court-certified as an expert on business valuations, solvency issues, and shareholder disputes by courts in Delaware, Louisiana, and the Federal Circuit. His clients vary in size, with the largest to date holding a value of nearly $400 million. But credentials and technical experience are only enough to get you in the door, they don't win cases. Athen differentiates himself as an expert through his ability to connect with the judge and jury, engaging them in the discussion, and conveying highly technical information in an understandable and conversational manner. These qualities inspire trust and trust wins cases.   

If your client, you, or your company are involved in litigation or divorce proceedings, contact Athen today to discuss your case.

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